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Residential Security Products & Services in the Oregon and Washington areas
Residential Security Products & Services

A comprehensive security system includes a multitude of applications such as; security/intrusion alarms, video surveillance, hazard alarms, including; smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, water sensors, heat sensors, and cooling alarms. We also offer medical monitoring alarms and services. A home security system may also reduce your homeowner's insurance up to 20%! ASET, Inc. makes security systems simple to use.

ASET, Inc. makes the process of setting up a security system easy. We offer a broad choice of products to operate your home security system, such as keypads and key fobs that allow for simple arming and disarming of remote systems. We also provide 24/7 security monitoring, for the ultimate in comprehensive safety and security protection at your fingertips.


Security/ Intrusion Alarms

When ASET, Inc. installs high-quality motion sensors we know where and how to position the sensors for the best protection.  Wireless protection means you are always covered, even if the power is out.

Door/Window Contacts

  • Placed where they are inconspicuous.
  • If one of the contacts becomes misaligned, or a battery gets low, you will be  notified from the keypad of the problem.

Motion Detectors

  • Includes ways to provide pet-friendly capabilities.
  • A good line of defense.
  • Choose from full-home security and the ability to arm specific areas.
  • Arrangements in your home might include:
    • Bedroom hallway
    • Family room with entertainment electronics
    • Room in the middle of the home
    • Spot protection of valuables, such as jewelry or sporting goods

Glass Break Detectors

  • Instant alarm if someone tries to break a window to enter.
  • Activates the alarm before intruder is able to force entry.
  • Provides a way to protect glass that is not in moving doors or windows.

Wireless Medical/Panic Button

  • Often needed by older adults or people with medical problems.
  • Gives a sense of security around the clock.
  • Button sends a quick wireless notification to dispatchers from your home.
  • Design makes false alarms almost impossible.

Fire Alarms

  • Homes typically have existing 120vac smoke detectors; however, we can connect these to an alarm system. In addition, if the smoke detectors are not currently code compliant, we can add additional detectors as needed or required.

Hazard Alarms

  • Your customized systems can also include specific alarms like; carbon monoxide detectors, built in low temperature monitors, flood monitors


Video Surveillance (CCTV)

Video surveillance cameras allow you to send a picture of an area you want to cover to a monitor. The uses are endless, from watching what your pet is doing while you are away to monitoring activity inside a ranch building, to watching and/or recording the perimeter of you home.

Voice/Data Structured Cabling

Tired of wires running everywhere in your home for all your audio equipment, computers, telephone, HDTV and other media? In this information and entertainment age, there are so many advantages to installing a central, structured wiring system for it all.  Ask ASET, Inc about a plan for your home.


24/7 Monitoring & 24/7 Emergency

ASET, Inc. can monitor your home while you are gone, 24/7.